Properties Investment is responsible for all aspects of the development and investment cycle including:


The company’s development pipeline of current and upcoming projects is in excess of 1.5 million square feet and includes hotels, shopping malls, townhouses, residential and commercial units.


The company is committed to supporting landlords and tenants achieve their target goals and aspirations, incorporating technological innovations to manage and maintain their properties and developing and implementing a seamless system that efficiently directs all operations.


Every aspect of the property sector is covered by Properties Investment LLC, in close collaboration with its Asset Management team to handle individual land, single units, villas, buildings, towers and other professional services.


Since its inception, Properties Investment has developed its development and property management capabilities and now offers the largest sales and leasing team in the UAE. It also manages other properties in Dubai.


The company provides a complete set of accounts summarizing all the financial transactions on a property including receipts and payments, cash reconciliation, funds supplied for management, direct payments, disbursements, direct banking, commission schedules and arrears.


The fee for the company’s Property Management and Sales Developments service varies on the type of property, the number of units, and whether management is done on-site or from a remote office. Every Property Management contract is tailor-made for the Property Owner.


The Company has developed a rigorous set of tests – from initial design plans to finishing touches, so each project passes the highest quality standards. Properties Investment takes pride in always setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Properties Investment LLC is committed to working with the most modern design elements with an eye on achieving consistent sustainability across all the aspects of its projects.


In order to manage any property, an experienced Property Coordinator is assigned. The Property Coordinator operates under the normal hours of operation for Properties Investment management offices.


Properties Investment arranges a formal handover from developer to the property owner, including all necessary paperwork to make the transition efficient.


Through well thought-out marketing strategies, the Company has put its properties portfolio across most popular property portals and careful search engine optimization to maximize the exposure for its portfolio.


The Company’s strong commitment to professionalism has seen 90% of our lease staff obtaining the nationally recognized Technical Award in lease of Residential Properties, making it one of the best Developer and Asset Management companies in the UAE.